The easiest way to save energy – plug air leaks at home.

From home you can take on the fossil fuel industry where it hurts, in their pocketbook, by reducing the demand for energy. Try to understand every point of energy use at home.


The first step is to make sure there aren’t any air leaks and that your home is “tight”. You can feel for leaks or get more sophisticated and hire an energy auditor who should be able to use an infrared camera to determine where the leaks are. Check the doors, windows, light fixtures, electrical outlets, and any other place where there is an opening to the outside. Don’t forget basements and the space between floors where often electrical or plumbing connections to the outside are. You can caulk or weatherstrip or install new door sweeps yourself at a very low cost. These changes have an immediate payback and will often improve your comfort as well. .A good resource for this is

Here is a before and after picture of a door where Energy Savers Network was able to dramatically reduce the air leaks around a door. You can see the light and even a car outside ( if you look carefully) in the before picture, and no light in the after picture.

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