Thanks to WNC Sierra Club & Sugar Hollow Solar

ESN's First Sponsors

Energy Savers Network (ESN) is humbled and grateful for the support of WNC Sierra Club and Sugar Hollow Solar, who are the first to contribute to our Sponsorship program. Their sponsorship funds enable us to provide more extensive home upgrades for our clients in need, organizing events and workshops, marketing, etc. The program is available to non-profits or businesses and it provides benefits to the sponsors as well as benefits to our community.

Sierra Club

WNC Sierra Club has been a long time supporter of ESN by promoting our service as well as volunteer opportunities with their membership and now their financial contribution has provided us with the ability to serve our clients in more ways. It just makes sense that ESN and Sierra Club would partner in this way – we both care so deeply for restoring the climate and empowering the people to speak up and take action! We need federal solutions but we also need local ones too and this is a great hands on opportunity that will make a difference in so many people’s lives in Buncombe County. Thank you Judy Mattox and Ken Brame for your friendship and amazing efforts caring for our mountains and this place we all call home – Earth.

The WNC Sierra Club recognizes the importance of the energy conservation improvements that Energy Savers Volunteers provide to low and moderate income homes, not only for its impact on climate change but for the savings that these residents experience on their energy bills.

Judy Mattox, Chair of WNC Sierra Club
Sugar Hollow Solar logo

Sugar Hollow Solar, voted Best Solar Installer of WNC by Mountain Xpress readers in 2020, is an amazing solar company owned by two cousins, Phelps Clarke and Doug Ager, who share four generations of Blue Ridge Mountain land-tending running through their veins. They both grew up with an awareness of the existential threat of climate change and wanted to build a business that could create meaningful jobs in their home community and tackle climate change at the same time. This is why they started volunteering with ESN – because “We always say energy-efficiency should come first, then a good solar system.” They also took this volunteer opportunity to another level and decided to help support our efforts through our sponsorship program and their referral program. For each new customer that gets referred to them, they send $200 to the person who referred them and will donate $100 to their non-profit partner of choice. And lucky for us, they decided to support Energy Savers Network during 2021. If you want to check out solar with Sugar Hollow Solar, please reference the Energy Savers Network. If you want to refer someone to them, fill out their referral form. Check out their awesome video too.

We prioritize supporting local nonprofits who share a mission with us, and we’re excited to choose Energy Savers Network as our next partner. They help the most energy-burdened and limited-income households in our community tighten up their homes and in turn save money and the climate.

Doug Ager, Cofounding Partner of Sugar Hollow Solar

If you are interested in learning more about our Sponsorship program, please click the link below or contact us at (828)585-4492 or email