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Energy Savers Network is proud to be part of the Blue Horizons Project.

Join Our Network of Community Sponsors!

Does your organization desire to…

  • Contribute to our community’s progress toward its goal of achieving 100% renewable energy in the coming decades?
  • Help mobilize our community to reduce the energy burden of its most vulnerable residents?

Through their financial support, sponsors will be investing in our community by helping Energy Savers Network address the energy-efficiency problems that disproportionately impact our low-income neighbors and people of color.

Sponsor Energy Savers Network

We need the support of community partners to scale up a strong multi-year campaign.

Join Buncombe County and City of Asheville as a sponsor of ESN. Show your support for a transformation of our local energy system by contributing to expand our capacity to help more of our lower-income neighbors save energy.

Sponsorship Funds Go Directly to Support:

  • Materials for home upgrades
  • Staffing for home upgrades and ESN operations
  • Possible funds for more extensive upgrades
  • Website and other work to ensure sponsorship benefits
  • Organizing BHP and ESN events and presenting at other events
  • Traditional and social media ads and stories
  • Workshops for general public and businesses

Benefits of Sponsorship include:

  • Contributing directly to offsetting carbon emissions in our community
  • Prominent display of your logo on the ESN site
  • Publicity of your sustainability efforts across social media
  • Seminars for your employees
  • Vouchers for Free Home Energy Efficiency upgrade services (including Blower Door Test) for your staff or as giveaways at events/auctions.
  • Contact us to learn more about the benefits depending on your level of investment

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