New Funding Gives Energy Savers Network Ability to Provide Healthier and Safer Environments for Low-Income Households

health and safety projects like fixing a deck

Energy Savers Network, a program of Green Built Alliance, announces a new initiative to assist low-income households with health and safety projects in Buncombe County.

For some individuals and families in our community, home isn’t always a comfortable or safe place. Many people do not have the resources or financial means to carry out essential home repairs themselves. This creates an increasingly unsafe environment over time, especially for elderly adults and children. Housing conditions contribute greatly to physical and mental health. When housing is inadequate, chronic health issues and injuries can occur creating more obstacles for those that might already be struggling.

Thanks to a grant funded through the Dogwood Health Trust, ESN will be able to go beyond our typical scope of work to meet more needs in our community.  This opportunity will fund projects to help income-qualified residents in Buncombe County make repairs to their homes where health and/or safety are a concern, at no cost to them. These projects could include: ramp installation, door repair/replacement, mold control through installations of dehumidifiers, floor repair, roof repair, and more.

Our goal throughout this year, while funds last, is to help twenty to thirty households improve the safety and health of their homes while decreasing the financial burden these projects would place on families.

This program allows us to invest in our community, create meaningful relationships, and improve the quality of life for our most vulnerable members.

To receive ESN’s free energy-efficiency upgrades and apply for repair services, please visit our website, email, or call 828-585-4492 x1.