Energy Efficiency Project to Upgrade 1000 Homes for Asheville Housing Authority

HACA volunteer and client

Energy Savers Network is proud to announce that we have been contracted by the City of Asheville to provide energy-efficiency upgrades to 1000 apartments from The Housing Authority of the City of Asheville (HACA) starting in June 2021. Just like all of ESN’s efforts, this project is funded by our community from the city and county to private donors to our corporate sponsors. Our goal is, as always, to help lower the energy costs of these low-income households while also transitioning us to a cleaner, smarter, and more affordable energy future. It will also help further the goals of the Blue Horizons Project to move our community to 100% clean renewable energy.

Energy Savers Network relies heavily upon our volunteers and this project presents us with a new challenge. We can’t do it without your help! During June we are hoping to continue our regular schedule of helping 4-5 families a week save energy PLUS this new effort with the Housing Authority! If you have ever considered volunteering with Energy Savers Network, or if you’ve been out of the game for a while, now is the time!

This is a great opportunity to bridge the gap between socioeconomic and cultural lines by helping to lower the bills of low-income residents. It is also a great hands-on opportunity to learn some new skills while helping to lower the overall energy use of Buncombe County. So please come with an open mind and a positive team spirit. We welcome college students during their summer off, carpenters who want to put the fruits of their labor towards something meaningful, retirees or corporate groups looking to give back to the community, or anyone wanting to meet new people and do something useful! Plus it is great fun working with Energy Savers Network!

With only 2-4 volunteers per day, we can get 4-6 units completed daily, but we can accommodate larger groups of 8-16 with prior planning. We work three days per week Tuesday-Thursday from 9:30am-1pm so bring your friends or a group from work. The minimum age limit required for such work is 18 years old and everyone will be required to sign a volunteer waiver as well as comply with certain safety and communication protocols.

Daniel Suber, our fun-loving Energy Upgrade Specialist (to your right), will lead this effort and train you on all tasks. The work will be quick and easy retrofits involving the following tasks (no power tools required):

  • Install low flow water fixtures (aerators)
  • Insulate water lines
  • Vacuum and seal air ducts with Mastic
  • Repair/replace door weatherstripping
  • Caulk air leaks
  • Check appliances for replacement if needed
Daniel Suber HACA Team Lead
Daniel Suber, HACA Team Lead

If you are an individual or small group, just signup as a volunteer and then on our calendar (two buttons below). If you are a larger group (more than 4) please contact our Operations Coordinator at or call (828) 585-4492 x2. When you sign up for a HACA workday via our calendar link below, be sure to select the HACA events, but you are also welcome to sign up for our regular ESN client workdays if you prefer – which entails more tasks to learn and typically is working on a mobile/trailer home. Let’s do this!