Comments at Buncombe County Commissioners Meeting 12-5

Energy Savers Network is building a volunteer movement to help our lower income neighbors, reduce
energy consumption, lower power bills, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We dream of building
aHabitat for Humanity for saving energy. We thank the county for supporting our mission.
I’d like to tell you a little more, and then turn it over to some of our volunteers.
On a typical project we perform an assessment and follow up with a volunteer workday. Usually it takes
about 20 volunteer man hours plus costs about $300. We save our clients about $200 a year on utilities.
We also discuss ways our clients could change their habits and make investments that would save even
more energy .
For each home we do things like install LEDs, water saving shower heads, water heater insulation, door
weatherstripping, and interior storm windows. We plug visible leaks, insulate attic hatches, and seal
connections between duct work and the floor registers. Sometimes we identify and fix some serious
problems like ducts that have become disconnected and windows that are broken.
We work in mobile homes and site built homes and help owners and renters. Our services are no cost,
but we encourage clients to participate through helping on the workday, making donations,
volunteering, or referring friends.
Our clients are referred from Mountain Housing, ABCCM , Eblen Charities various churches, and others.
After visiting Eblen last week I’m confident there will be no shortage of people to help.
We’ve had a momentous first year. We started in early 2016 volunteering with the team at Community
Action Opportunities . Working with Jack Heuer and we got some great hands on training. In December
we completed the first house on our own. Since then we’ve completed 70, with 21 in progress. In August
we affiliated with the Green Built Alliance and together we secured initial funding from the county.
Thank you so much! We have now completed 21 homes on the grant and we have 21 in process. We
would not be doing this without your help! We do need additional and ongoing funding to expand this
work and would like everyone in this room to consider making an end of year donation, at
Turning to our volunteers, they’re great! Other than a part time volunteer coordinator, we’re all
volunteers. For the year we have engaged 1400 volunteer hours on projects, with many more on
administration and support. Just this weekend we put in over 100 hours on 4 projects. We’re trying to
build our team, and I encourage everyone in this room to go to and sign up to
volunteer. You learn skills, build community, have fun, and help your fellow man. What could be better?
We are most successful when we work with teams. Businesses, schools, environmental groups,
neighborhood groups, government employees, and churches can all get in the act. Just this Saturday, we
had a record breaking day, with 23 volunteers from 3 teams working on 4 projects simultaneously. Now,
I’d like to turn this over to two of these volunteer groups who have been working with us – students
from the Asheville School who we have worked with on 8 projects and members of Piney Mountain
Methodist Church who we have worked with on three projects..